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HR Club creates  a forum to enable the Corporate and  Individual members to meet in a suitably relaxed atmosphere, exchange views, ideas, thoughts, information, proposals, counter proposals, about personnel related and HR matters, and perhaps (with luck) "out and out gossip" and, where appropriate, blatantly, unashamedly, unreservedly, without fear or favour, promote their organisation and its latest HR developments and methods, should they wish to do so."

Individual or Corporate or College or student Membership

The Corporate and Colleges interested in becoming our members can do so by paying fees of Rs 9,500 for 4 members .The membership here is non refundable but transferable ie any of the 4 members of the organization can attend the event . In case of Educational Institutions it includes students besides the faculty members.

In case of Institutions, structure of 4 members is any 2 Professors + any 2 students or any 4 Professors only. Individual student membership is also acceptable.Fees in case of individual HR or student membership is Rs 1800/- only


Membership Application :

Membership of the HR Club is open to all Applicants by invitation only. By this, the HR Club does not make any judgment on the professional soundness of its members or the companies they represent
Members need  to apply by filling the forms  which can be downloaded from here. And the payments can be paid through cheques or DD in the name of 
You can meet us personally at following address

The HR club India
Sector2 Bldg 1,
Unit 15
Millenium business park
Mahape , Navi Mumbai
400 710