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1. How do I qualify for membership?
Go to Membership for details of our membership criteria
2. What does the Club do for HR Directors?
Provides business inspiration and networking for senior HR Directors using a series of breakfast briefings with top name speakers, workshop events and a dedicated website for members to interact with each other.

3. I have changed job. How do I go about changing my membership?
Email us at customercare@hrclubindia.com and we will then ask you to update your profile to the appropriate level of membership.

4. I have applied for membership but I haven’t heard from you. Does that mean my application has been unsuccessful?
No. We will send you an email response whatever the outcome of your application. We will endeavor to let you know within 48 hours. However, if this hasn’t happened, please email customercare@hrclubindia.com

5. I have lost my membership card. What should I do?
Email customercare@hrclubindia.com and we will issue you with a new one and notify you of your email login and password.


How are you different from a business association or a council?
We are unlike any business association or council. We focus on YOU the executive and your needs. We help you grow, relax, enjoy and win in your professional life.

6. How do I become a sponsor to HR Directors Club?
Please contact one of our business development managers: sponsors@hrclubindia.com
Are there any plans to hold events besides those  relating to HR?
Yes. In response to the members feedback, we aim to hold non HR related events such as Cricket matches, New years party , Childrens Events and so on


8. I have forgotten my password. What should I do?
Use our password reminder system to retrieve your password.

9. I don't receive a confirmation email after I register Are you sure you typed you email address properly? If you have not received a confirmation email within 24 hours then it may be that you typed your email address wrong. Please contact us if you think this has happened.

11. I log in OK, but I can't access any of the members pages. What am I doing wrong?
Check you have cookies enabled on your browser. Read these instructions on configuring your web browser to find out how to enable cookies.

12. Pages don't seem to change between visits to the site.
Maybe your web browser is caching pages. The pages on this site are generated dynamically, which means that they may be different each time you view them. If your browser does not realise this then it will give you an old copy of a page to save you downloading a new copy. Read these instructions on configuring your web browser to find out how to prevent this.

13. What do I do if I am still having problems?
Contact us - we are always pleased to hear from our members!