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Every event is free to members of HR ClubSpace is limited and reservations are required for nonmembers  to ensure seating
The HR Club meets quarterly. Eminent HR Gurus, Veteran  HR professionals and other most engaging and important public figures  will grace the event. The club also brings in local entrepreneurs, business people, and other speakers  to discuss their businesses, how they got started, and common obstacles; they also answer questions from the group. Other agenda items include current marketing efforts, membership and event planning. Programs at the HR Club bring the most engaging and important public figures and issues before our members
Our Featured Events bring the nation's leading men and women to our members and the general public..

The seminars will be held on following topics:

Background Check Policy Training
It provides a comprehensive overview of the Boulder Campus Policy and Procedure on Background Checks for Security Sensitive Positions. The session will include discussion of why background checks are necessary, provide details of the policy and procedures, discuss types of background checks, review how to request a background check, provide information about what to do with the information you receive from the background check including resources for evaluating the background check report, review sample background check results, and offer an opportunity to practice what you learn.
Classified Staff Compensation
 It is Designed for payroll/personnel liaisons and/or supervisors to provide an overview of compensation requirements, tools and resources relating to classified staff employees. Discussion will include an overview of the classified staff pay plan; the “Compensation Guidelines for Classified Staff Employees”; setting salaries for new hires, transfers, promotions and demotions; discretionary compensation; incentive reward programs; and required documentation
Hiring Temporary Employee
This course will provide information and guidance on hiring classified temporary employees and temporary employees through agencies. We will cover the rules pertaining to temporary hires, procedures and processes for hiring temporary employees, setting up classified temporary employees in PeopleSoft, how to work with temporary agencies, and standing purchase orders (how to get them and why they are needed).
HR Processes for Classified Employees
Designed for payroll/personnel liaisons who process actions for classified employees and have already taken the PeopleSoft HRMS panel and navigation training. This course will cover the off-line processes for manage positions, recruit workforce, and administer workforce. We will cover the most common actions that departments must perform in order to hire, pay and promote a classified employee. The discussion will cover required forms.

HR Process for Student Employees

Designed for payroll/personnel liaisons who process HR actions for student employees and have already taken the PeopleSoft HRMS panel and navigation training. Learn the on and off-line HRMS processes specific to student employees. This course will also cover the similarities and differences of hiring hourly and work-study students.

Interview Training for Supervisors
This course is designed to provide guidance to supervisors in the effective development and conduct of the interview process. Topics will include how to conduct a structured interview, the development of job-related interview questions, reference checking, and finalizing the interview process including making a job offer.
PDQ Training
This course will provide information and tips on completing the Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) for classified staff positions. This will include discussion of PDQ evaluation processes and how critical sections of the PDQ affect possible outcomes. The importance of accurately describing the duties performed by a position is critical not only for accurate classification, but also for performance management and efficient recruitment of qualified applicant
Scope of Work Training
This course is designed to provide training and assistance to campus administrators and liaisons responsible for the coordination and processing of paperwork for hiring independent contractors. Topics to be covered include the criteria for independent contractor status, privatization/state review issues, and how to appropriately complete and submit SOW forms. The discussion will include a question and answer session and overview of the personal services contracts process.
Selecting and Interviewing Student Employees
Learn how to write a job announcement to ensure that students answering the ad have the skills needed for the job. Questioning, selecting, and interviewing techniques will be taught as well as practiced.
How to Run a Meeting
Do you feel like your meetings could be more productive? Attend this seminar and learn how to have a more efficient and effective meeting. Agenda: Role assignments, define meeting, create agenda.
Delegation & On-the-Job-Training (OJT)

This seminar focuses on developing and practicing skills for successful delegation. We will also analyze the benefits and barriers of delegation. In addition, we will examine the stages of transition and learning that affect supervisory effectiveness. Participants will gain training skills and learn to analyze the process for effective on-the-job- training.

Supervising Student Employees

Learn how to convey your expectations, hold students accountable, and then evaluate them according to those expectations. Discuss approaches and procedures for on-the-job training to assist students in becoming valuable employees.


It is for all corporate participants. The study assesses six key dimensions found to impact overall business performance including:

  • HR Delivery Excellence
  • Diversity Excellence
  • Business Performance Excellence
  • Cultural Excellence
  • Leadership Excellence