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About Us

The HR Club is dedicated to encouraging excellence at the “Hard Edge” of HR across the private and public sectors. Its role in promoting the place of HR in Strategy is highly topical, particularly with today’s emphasis on strategic partnerships and people related measures.

The Society benefits from members drawn from the senior ranks of the HR profession, academia and other contributors to value-adding HR strategy.



The Mission of the HR Club is to lead thinking and share good practice in the linking of people, planning and productivity, and in so doing provide a network forum for professionals working in this area.
The Club has associated links with sister professional societies - bodies dedicated to organizational effectiveness - as well as being a voice and stimulus for the HR profession

Our Vision
To be recognized as the professional body and influence in the HR field in India
Our Objectives
  • To continuously strive for professional excellence in the field of Human Resource Management and development.
  • To enhance the skills and competencies of HR management practitioners through sharing and learning.
  • To provide a forum for discussion and interaction.
  • To promote and maintain good HR management ethics.
  • Free peer to peer consultation or advice.
  • Free articles and latest HR news.
  • Setting and popularization of modern approaches in human resources management.
  • Establishing contacts between HR managers in order to share the information and experience.
  • Arranging the meetings of club members quarterly.
  • Developing the united human resource management policy in India
  • Standardization of job descriptions and personnel specifications.
  • Organizing/conducting the conferences, congresses, and training courses.
  • Organizing/conducting the professional–scientific training courses and seminars.
  • Conducting the scientific-research works related to HR management issues